Conference will be held at Pałac Brunów

How to get to Brunów palace:

Getting from Wrocław directly to Brunów is possible only by car. We adivice a route through Bolesławiec.

You can easily get to Lwówek ¦l±ski (by bus) or to Bolesławiec (by train).

We can pick you from those cities, but please let us know about it before Friday, 19th of October.

Some buses from Wrocław (central bus station) to Lwówek ¦l±ski:

11:45-13:39 Speedbus

14:40-16:33 PKS Voyager Lubań

18:00-19:55 SpeedbusTrains from Wrocław Główny to Bolesławiec:

We plan to finish the field trip on Sunday around 16:30-17:00 in Brunów Palace.